Saturday, September 17, 2011


We drove all the way to Rockville after lunch to find some live plants for the aquarium. The Petco in Alexandria only has plants in little plastic containers, and this place has a huge variety of them in tanks. The floating plants at the nurseries are out of season now (lilies and hyacinths)...and we want to make sure that Moby Dick has the benefit of not only having places to hide in the plants, but getting the right oxygen content (so I'm told). The girl there told me that these fish also like little pieces of broccoli and such, after I told her that he refuses flakes- only pellets and freeze dried blood worms for him. They weren't kidding when they said these fish only like gourmet type food. Anyway, it was a nice ride and the selections were well received. I hope they last a little while.
We used to come home with 100 lb bags of dog food

Now we're down to pellets and water plants

Moby Dick is a picky eater

He seems to like his new hiding places

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