Monday, September 5, 2011

Washington Hospital Center

We thought we might go to the Labor Day Concert at the Capitol last evening, but something else came up. After dinner, we started to watch a movie when my husband said he was having some vision problems in his left eye, and that it had started the day before and was going on and off. So as he was looking up what it might be, I was looking for our eye doctor's phone number because I had a feeling we might be taking a trip to the emergency room. We thought it might be a detached retina. I called the office, and our doctor was not on call, but her partner was. We called him, and he said it would be wise to go to the Washington Hospital Center ER, and ask for the eye resident on call. He said he would call ahead to let them know we were on our way. Because it was later in the evening, we also called our son, who offered to take us there. I was happy to have his company anyway, and felt more comfortable driving around at night with him. So he took us to the ER, and it was actually quite uneventful as these things go, except that they did not receive a call expecting us, and forgot to tell us when they took my husband to the other part of the hospital for an eye exam. This place is famous for trauma care, but we had to go here because our physicians offices are here. Our son also did a bit of trauma residency training here a while back. If it had been during the week, we would have only needed to go to the physician office- but of course, these things always happen on the off hours or the holidays. At least it was Sunday evening rather than a Friday or Saturday, which are typically super busy evenings for ER's. As we were leaving, a helicopter was landing with a trauma case, and I was very happy that the condition wasn't what we thought, but were glad it was checked. And wouldn't you know we have routine eye appointments next Friday. It also gave us an opportunity to test the system in the event of another emergency. Yes, we were all health care professionals in out past lives, but it hardly matters when it happens to you.

A huge complex that we are totally unfamiliar with

Follow the signs to the ER

The check in desk- the area was recently renovated

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  1. I am glad all is well with dad. I hope he is feeling okay. Btw I wasn't sure how to sign up in your blog so I did this one as anonymous :)