Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nationals Baseball

My friend and I went to our annual baseball game last night with my brother and sister in law. My mother told us to watch out for the Kayem hot dogs, as they are the best to be had (at least that's what we were told- the brand comes from Massachusetts and we supposedly ate several of them when we grew up there.) I remember when the only music heard was the organ, and the only voice was one sports announcer. Now every game is a production, including the President's race. (In Milwaukee it was the sausage race.) We grew up with baseball in our house - my brother was a left handed pitcher and did make it to the Orioles. My parents are still avid Red Sox fans, although now in Florida, they root for the Devil Rays. And all our grandson talks about is baseball. He played on the Capitol Hill Little League team, and has been to New York, Chicago, Boston and Baltimore to watch major league games. It is a part of the American spirit no matter where you live.
The Kayem hot dog was delicious

The kids getting autographs pre game

Strasburg is the most talked about player

But the Nats lost anyway

Can't be seen without a baseball cap

Tom won- Teddy never does

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