Sunday, September 4, 2011

Great Falls Park

The last time we went to Great Falls Park it was so packed with cars that we turned around and came home. We have been to the Park about 5-6 times during different seasons. My husband wanted to see if the recent rain storms have had any impact on the water mark. There is a sign there that shows how high the water reached. Either in 1936 or 1923 it was well above our heads. It is a very pleasant and remarkably short ride from our house along the George Washington Parkway through McLean to Great Falls. We stopped off at the Tavern to have lunch before we ventured out. Because we went to the Blue Ridge Mountains when we first moved here, we have a park pass that lasts forever. The place is always filled with any nationality, dog, and child alike. It is well suited for folks with handicaps. The strangest thing about it is that one would never think that something like it exists so close to the Capitol City. We only walked enough to see the three scenic views, as it was quite humid and warm. But we are never disappointed to see the joy on everyone's faces as they spend the last days of summer in such a unique place.
Picnics galore

It is a very dangerous place

There are always kayakers here

Three main areas, but plenty of walking trails too

Several water lovers taking a rest

Couldn't get me any closer than this

Wonder what they're thinking?

Another overlook

Looks a lot more impressive in person

A typical American scene

Can also be seen from the Maryland side

Great to visit, but glad to be home

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