Friday, September 30, 2011

Paolo's in Georgetown

My husband needed to have his Apple phone checked for a glitch, and wanted to get in a walk as long as it was nice outside. Rather than go to Arlington (which he does not like) or Alexandria (which we love), we headed to Georgetown - a place we go to about every six months. It is always a pain in the neck to go to Georgetown because it is always busy with tourists and residents and students, but also there is never any parking. The metro does not go there, so you either pay an arm and a leg for parking, or hope for the best and find street parking somewhere in the residential area. We drove around at least 45 minutes until we came upon a place that was many blocks from our destination. So that would definitely meet the walking requirement. It was also just down the street from the Apple Store on Wisconsin Avenue We hoped we would still have time to take care of business after lunch. We have been to Paolo's once before- it is across the street from Martini's (Martin's), a place the Kennedy's frequented. (They say it is the spot that Jack asked Jackie to marry him.) Paolo's looked worn and old, and need I say that it wasn't very good either. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we were completely disgusted by the time we drove around, finally parked, got seated, and the bright sunny day turned to clouds and wind. But the food wasn't any good either. We are really spoiled- and that's why we like Alexandria so much. But there isn't an Apple store there.
Everything looked stale

Along Wisconsin Avenue- a headache to drive

Never a place to park

We're almost there (from 10 blocks away)

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