Saturday, September 10, 2011

On the National Mall

After lunch today, we took a walk to the Mall to see how the security was, given the threats about possible terror attacks this weekend. There are always planned and unplanned activities going on there, and a variety of eye candy. A lot of the streets around the Capitol are closed to vehicle traffic. Aside from the obvious police presence, there are many plain clothes officers and cars, the hazmat truck, and police with machine guns. And probably every country in the world is represented. It is not unusual to see primarily Asian women carry parasols in the heat/sun... not such a bad idea. The Mall has never been greener, with all the rain. A bunch of folks were playing tag football. As we moved along, we came upon the Black Family Reunion Festival, an event that is hosted annually. There was a variety of food, and everyone was really enjoying it. The best part is passing through the Botanic Gardens with the Capitol Building as the backdrop. By the time we got home, we were both hot and tired, and noticed more police in cars and bicycles cruising the neighborhood. But we could not stand the thought of staying indoors after being cooped up all week from the rainstorms.
The biggest difference- no vehicle traffic and machine guns

And the hazmat truck

Visitors from all over the world

Touch football- the Mall has never been this green!

Check the guy on the right!
Black Family Reunion

Feels like a state fair!

More police presence than usual

New signage to help navigate

A great idea for the sun and heat

The flowers change with the seasons to frame the Capitol

All flowers grow in DC- along with the allergies

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