Friday, September 23, 2011

National Book Festival

The posters have been circulating around the Library over the last several months, and the marketing campaign has been in full swing over the last 10 years. The National Book Festival started with Laura Bush, and has continued every year since. The Building Services group and a host of other folks are setting up all the equipment and tents today, as the event starts tomorrow on the National Mall. We have attended regularly since we moved here. I got some autographs from a few authors- I always liked David McCullough. Now I have even more interest in books, particularly children's books, and digital books at that. I got some good news today that something is about to happen (stay tuned!) The weather has never cooperated for the event, which is now a 2 day affair. It is either really, really hot or raining cats and dogs. As a Library employee, we have an opportunity to volunteer. And many of us take advantage of that. Tonight there is a big celebration dinner in the Jefferson Building for the authors and the sponsors, along with a lot of notable characters. Obviously that affair is by invitation only, so we never get to go. But every once in awhile we run into some of the folks wandering in the hallways, and that's what makes living here an interesting event just about every day.
A whimsical poster on display every year

Just to name a few- something for everyone

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