Saturday, September 3, 2011

James Drury The Virginian

It seems that a lot of folks are interested in this particular blog so I thought I would post it again with a few additional pictures. During the horrible snowstorm in Washington almost 2 years ago, we were not able to go out of the house for a week. So, we started to watch the Encore Western channel. And the show I loved as a youngster was the Virginian, in particular, James Drury as the Virginian. So it only stands to reason that if James Drury was ever in the neighborhood, we would go and see him. It so happens that last summer, he would be attending a gun show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. That's not too far from here. So we, and our friends, took a ride to the gun show. None of us have anything to do with this subject matter, but the intention was to meet The Virginian. And I certainly did! Remember how he used to look? He was as charming now as he probably was then. It's an interesting story anyway. The only thing that came close to a gun show that we went to in Milwaukee was a trip to Illinois many years ago. As a member of the Milwaukee Civil War Round Table, it was fitting that we take a ride one weekend to check out the Civil War artifacts. The most interesting thing was a prosthetic leg, that was carved very nicely and had painted toe nails. We've also been to the Walter Reed Medical Museum where there is a piece of Lincoln's skull and Dan Sickles leg bone. Weird stuff, but all so very historical. But this trip was probably the best of the three!

And I like Christopher Walken, Richard Jordan & Terence Stamp too

Very pleasant exchange

My husband directing the scene

I think we get the picture?

Am I turning red yet?

What can I say? My friends were there to capture the moment...
this beats a cruddy old leg prosthesis!

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