Thursday, September 1, 2011

House Page School

Yesterday was supposed to be the last day that the House Page School would be open. The program has been in existence for 184 years. There are usually 70 high school juniors that participate in it each semester. They are each paid $1800 per month and the whole program costs $5 Million a year. The reason we have noticed the change is because we don't see the pages walking back and forth to the House Office Buildings in the morning or evening. They always walked in large groups and wore a uniform that looked a lot like the one I wore in high school- pleated skirt and blue blazer- regardless of the season. The other interesting point is that the page school residence is within a stone's throw of where we live. I wonder what will become of the building? It sits on prime real estate, but I'm certain the building and grounds belong to the Architect of the Capitol. Things have changed dramatically in 184 years....a lot can now be learned by watching C-span, and it is a lot cheaper. The only question I have is that if the reason it was closed was because it was too expensive, why doesn't the same thought process work for the Senate Page School, which remains open? There is a distinct difference between the House and the Senate- even in the Capitol Visitor Center. The furniture accents on the Senate side are rich, dark mahogany wood and the accents on the House side are white and a light color I don't know what. What's good for the goose is also good for the gander.... but not in all instances. 
The House Page residence sits on prime real estate

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