Monday, September 19, 2011

Kabob Bazaar and Monsoor

One of our favorite restaurants is an Iranian place called Kabob Bazaar. There is one restaurant in Arlington, and another new one that recently opened in Bethesda. The food is really good, healthy, and there are always plenty of leftovers which makes planning the week dinners a lot easier. To our surprise, when we entered the establishment this time, we were met at the door by Monsoor. Since we moved to DC, we have run into Monsoor at three different locations- a place way out in Gaithersburg, then here in our neighborhood at Bullfeathers, and now at Kabob Bazaar. The funny thing is is that he is from the same city as my husband. It feels like we met a long lost relative. There were never any Iranian restaurants in Milwaukee- a couple started and failed. We would often go to Reza's in Chicago on Clark Street or the one on Ohio Avenue right off Michigan Avenue. This city is great for all kinds of ethnic food, which is another reason we like DC so much. But we never saw someone that we knew at three different places before. The funny thing is there are no Polish restaurants here. You can imagine there are several in Chicago. I love pierogies!
Located in Bethesda- a nice drive down Wisconsin Avenue

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