Saturday, September 24, 2011

National Book Festival

This is the first year that it was neither raining nor hot as heck to walk to the Mall and stroll the Book Festival. This year it was located closer to the Washington Monument. There was no one in particular that we wanted to see or hear, so we just walked around and hoped for the best. I had heard that Julianne Moore had written a children's book... if my husband didn't tell me to take the picture, I would not have noticed her. I was actually looking at the person next to her, didn't recognize her, and didn't see the point of taking it. And every year we always see the Librarian - my boss. I also occasionally see him at work moving about. I got a good picture of Hoda Kotb's driver. It was very crowded this year- probably because it was very pleasant outside, and also because it is a free event. They ran out of the turquoise book bags by the time we got there. On the way home, we ran into our neighbor, who had just been to the festival too. It's like a small town within a big city- the best of both worlds.

Julianne Moore

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