Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shoe Shine

There is a very lavish shoe shine stand in the Cannon House Office Building as you pass through the underground tunnel. I'm sure there is even a more lavish one on the Senate side. Since Congress came back to town a couple weeks ago, a young man has set up shop right outside of Bullfeathers. Since he's been there, and every time I pass by, there is typically a customer seated in the chair. I have no idea how this type of "business" works- is it like a lemonade stand where all proceeds are for the taking? We'll see how long he stays there as the weather begins to change. I've never seen anyone using the option at the fancy stand- maybe the price is significantly different. I just can't imagine needing this type of service in this day and age. Wearing a suit and a tie to work just seems so passe.
I wonder what Bullfeathers thinks of it?

This is the half way point and I'm back at work- just 2 blocks from home

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