Friday, September 2, 2011

Apple Store Earplugs

Both my husband and I have IPhones. The phone is NEVER out of his hand. He is playing solitaire all the time, and is the type of person who has to know the answer to any question right way, so he is always looking something up. I use mine primarily for taking pictures for the blog, checking email during the day, and listening to music when I walk the halls during break. And of course the IPad is never out of my hands as soon as I get home from work. His earpiece was worn out, and when we went to the Apple Store in Clarendon a couple weeks ago, they said they would replace it at no charge. But we did not have it with us that day. So today, we not only brought the earpiece, but two charging cords that are frayed. It turns out they would not replace any of it free of charge. We ended paying $30.00 for the new headset. This one is an upgrade from the one he had, but he wasn't very pleased that what they said the first time did not hold up this time. Rather than buy new charging cords, we decided to just tape them up with electrical tape and live with it. After all, we do not have the Apple plan to cover these things, and all the equipment is well over a year old. But you can't beat the service, even though we ended up having to pay for it. The place is ALWAYS crowded. And I know why. I still may write a note to the store to understand the discrepancy in the messages they gave us, and see what happens.
Always busy
Face of the future

We're lucky to have stores in three locations near us

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