Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I had a Linkedin account when I first moved to DC from Milwaukee, but I really didn't bother with it. Then my cousin from Boston sent an invitation a couple weeks ago, and it got me thinking about all the people that I have known and worked with over the past 20-30 years. So I started searching for folks, and starting inviting folks, and started getting some really nice notes from a lot of them. What's great about living in DC is that it is not unusual for people to come this way for business or otherwise. And there is a chance I may get to see some of my friends and colleagues once again. So I'm glad I reconnected with so many of my professional friends, that may not quite fit the criteria for Facebook (whatever that is), and are definitely worth staying in touch with. And that includes a friend from Florida State that was a real surprise to hear from again, and a young man from France (the son of a friend of my husband) who stayed with us for a few weeks in Milwaukee over ten years ago. So now when I have a question that pops up at work, I can think about someone from my past that probably can answer it better than I ever could. I love technology, and I like this part of it the most.

A great way to stay in touch

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