Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dare To Go

The city is once again bustling with both vehicular and pedestrian activity, to go along with the constant rain and flooding this week. Congress is back in session. The restaurants along our path to work in the morning are set up for breakfast meetings, the large black town cars and SUV's with drivers are parked along the curbs, there is an excessive police presence (we saw two machine guns in the coffee shop this morning), people don't move off the sidewalk so you can pass, and more doors get slammed in your face. An email notice was sent to all employees warning them of the upcoming gridlock and to avoid the mess. All the streets around the neighborhood are closed because of the President's speech tonight at the Capitol. The Capitol Visitor Center was closed at 11AM in preparation for the 7PM event. The streets are jammed with traffic right outside the Republican Club. Soon the helicopter will be fluttering overhead for several hours. The summer quiet has come to an end. Not sure that I like it, but it would not be Washington without it.
Always a barrier

Go around

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