Sunday, September 11, 2011

Michael Anthony Salon & Brice Barber Shop

Whenever one moves to a new place there are some things that take awhile before getting them right. I had gone to the same hairdresser in Milwaukee for about 20 years. Nadeen told me to try the Vidal Sassoon Salon when I moved to Washington as she had some confidence about what they do. I did try it for awhile, but did not care for the drive to Tysons, and that it was in a Tysons Galleria Shopping Mall. The haircuts were okay, maybe oftentimes too short. We searched the neighborhood to see what was within walking distance. We have had really great success with the dentist and for the most part, the doctor. We found a really nice place at Eastern Market. Jimy was wonderful... and always did a great job - until he decided to move to New York. So we searched again, and found another salon in the same area. I've been going there now for about 9 months, and like the location, and the place, and Mickey. Let's hope he stays put! My husband, on the other hand, started out at a Salon just up the street on Pennsylvania Avenue the he detested- he's not into that stuff at all. He then found a barber shop down towards Union Station. The problem with that place was one sideburn always came out shorter than the other. Now he sees Brice in Barracks Row. Brice has been there probably since the 20's.... he mumbles at him, but loves him for a customer, and cuts his hair really really short. For him, that's all that's required- and it's in the neighborhood.
Above the Cleaners is Michael Anthony Salon at Eastern Market

And Brice's Barber Shop on 8th Street- a very trendy area - really!

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