Friday, September 16, 2011

Eye Appointment

We both had annual eye appointments scheduled today at the Washington Hospital Center Physician Office. And since my husband was in the emergency room there two weeks ago for an eye problem, they came at a perfect time. I always try to make the appointment for the first exam after lunch to avoid all the waiting. And have learned never to make early morning appointments because of rush hour and, I don't like getting up in the morning anyway. So we left the house 45 minutes before the appointment time to travel about 3 miles. And as usual, along the way is always some construction, the parking structure is always full and slow. but scenes along the way are always interesting. Once in the building, for security purposes, we needed to sign in.  I could hardly read the chart on the wall- the portable eye exam glasses were fitted poorly, and the person giving the exam was even worse. And as always, we both got peripheral vision screening. The doctor told me "you'll know" when you need to have cataract surgery. Us nearsighted folks are just so lucky. I also have "drusen" are on the optic nerve, and floaters, and what else? - and the doctor would like her residents to see it as a classic example. So, my husband needs to come back in a month - I can get away with another year. I just made sure the appointment is set on a work day, so I can have the afternoon off. And no matter where you get an eye exam, there is still not a way to undilate your eyes. And if you don't have sunglasses, there are some really chic ones that you get for free. I can barely see what I'm doing now, but it could be much worse. At least I know it is temporary.

Refrigerator or treadmill anyone? How about Dracula?

Construction and BBQ turkey along North Capitol
Prefer a small place to a huge medical campus

Reminds us of our past lives

Those classy free sunglasses
The usual traffic going to and from

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