Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Library of Congress Lanyard

Because of an odd situation at home, I need to carry two keys around at all times. And because not everything I wear has pockets, the best solution is to use a lanyard. Unfortunately, the one I was using broke, and the replacement was in no better condition. So what could I do? After being off from work a few days, reality returned yesterday when I went back. So I took an afternoon walk to the Library of Congress gift shop and looked around hoping to find something that might work. And there it was - a little bigger than I hoped, but it would do well. And instead of a fish line attachment at the bottom to hold the keys, there was a key chain metal piece that looked like it may be more long lasting. And while I was in the Jefferson Building I took a quick walk around the Great Hall. So in spite of it being the first day back after being gone, it was useful in a more personal way. I'm not sure I know many people who could say, or do, the same thing. 

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