Tuesday, December 22, 2015

On the Road Again in the new Subaru Forester

The last road trip resulted in us finally buying a new 2016 Subaru Forester. Our 11 year old Forester finally bit the dust. We got it in the Midwest, it went through a lot of snowstorms, and carried around a very big dog. It transported us to DC when we moved here a few years ago. We have lots of memories riding in that car. Getting a vehicle today is a lot different than getting a vehicle from so many years ago. We need months to figure out how to just open the door! Everything is automated - surprise! So this road trip gives us an opportunity to read up on the basics. This car has a lot of extra safety features, which is one of the reasons we waited to get a 2016. The cruise control works nicely, but the adaptive cruise control is quite interesting and also works very well. It's amazing to feel the car slow down and speed up on its own whenever it gets too close or far from to the vehicle in front of us. It also warns you when you meander out of your lane, and really warns your when it thinks you are getting drowsy. We learned that you cannot reprogram a lot of things if you are driving - you need to stop first. That's another safety feature. I'm trying to get my husband to familiarize himself with the hands free options, and to use the steering wheel gadgets. We finally got the music to play from his iPhone, which was programmed via Bluetooth. Now I just need to figure out how to get my iPhone on there. We probably won't use half of the features on this car, but we feel safer and certainly have a smoother ride. This is our third Subaru, and we aren't at all disappointed. Looking forward to even more road trips - now we have a great excuse. Wonder if we'll ever use the off road functions!? 

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