Monday, December 28, 2015

Google Maps, Waze, Apple, or Car Wayfinders?

The last fifty miles can be torture, unless of course, you like to travel at 3 AM. Add the holiday traffic to the mix, and things get even dicier. But now we have all kinds of gadgets to help us navigate around congested areas - or do we? Our new Subaru Forester has a navigation system that has a lot of drawbacks. But having a map shown at all times is a good thing. My favorite source is google maps because we are used to it, and it usually works the best. Then we noticed the Waze app whenever there was a traffic accident. I read the reviews and they were mixed. But how many interruptions do we need to hear all at once? We haven't used Apple maps since they were scorned the first time out. Supposedly there are improvements. All I can say is the car system tried to take us off the freeway off a ramp and then make a u turn back on to it whenever there was congestion; Google maps sent us in the completely opposite direction when we turned off to find our hotel; we didn't bother with Waze or Apple. I still have an old hard copy map of our route from DC to Florida and back that I sometimes pull out to get the big picture. We were just happy to see all the familiar sites as we finally approached our home town, without incident and in good time. I don't know how we ever managed before! 

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