Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Four Seasons All In One During A Walk on the Mall

I got up earlier than usual this morning so I could work on over twenty plus Christmas orders for pet portraits, but also to take a walk with my husband who has been without a wife since the orders started coming in. Thank goodness he is so understanding! It's December and it feels like spring, fall, summer, and winter all in one. The sun is brilliant, there are buds on the flowering trees, golden and red leaves abound, and Christmas trees and decorations all about. Most of the visitors were heading to see the Christmas trains at the US Botanic garden. We'll save that visit for a morning during the week. Aside from the Air and Sapce Museum, the mall was rather quiet. School is still in session, and it's too early for Christmas vacation. There were a lot of local joggers and walkers like us. After four days of rain earlier in the week, the last few days have been breathtaking. This is the way it should be this time of year, and one of the main reasons we moved to DC from the Midwest. Let's see how long it lasts!

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