Friday, December 4, 2015

Downtown Abbey and Highclere Castle Sweepstakes

Like a lot of people I know, we watch Masterpiece Downton Abbey. Not only have we watched it, but we actually went to see Highclere Castle when we were in England a couple of years ago. When we were waiting at Dulles airport, we even met someone who won the Downton Abbey sweepstakes and won a free trip to England to see the sites. Well, the sweepstakes is on again. And even though we have already seen the castle, I entered anyway, and plan to keep on entering every day if I can remember. I'm sure my husband isn't that interested in going if I do win - which is highly unlikely - but we'll see anyway! This trip would include places where Poldark is shot, which would be interesting as well. I've been watching Masterpiece since the wives of Henry VIII was shown way back in the 70's. It ignited a personal interest in history that has been long lived. So for that, I am grateful. But I would be even more grateful to win the sweepstakes! 

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