Saturday, December 5, 2015

Eye Doctor, Road Trips and Rowhouses

What should take ten minutes takes forty five or more. I always make our eye exams for the first appointments after lunch. That way, we don't have to fight rush hour traffic in the morning or afternoon.  But it is a pain in the neck to have any doctor visit at a medical center - simply because it is a medical center with all the hoopla that goes around it. But our doctor's office is there, so we keep going because we like her. On the way over, there was construction - as always - so it takes longer. We were surprised that the office was so empty for the first time. Perhaps it was because it was December rather than November, and everyone has something else to do. There are no more discounts for parking in the structure, so now you have to pay up before your leave, like in most structures these days. But always, on the way home, regardless of the time of day, it always take so much longer. What is only a 3 mile distance seems like 20. But it was such a beautiful day that it was an interesting ride. The rowhouses were stunning in the sunlight, and the construction cranes reflected in the massive glass buildings going up all around H street and NE. This doesn't compare at all to the easily navigable drives to and from the doctor visits in Milwaukee. One thing remains the same - why isn't there an eye drop to un dilate your eyes? This is the only time I wish it was cloudy. 

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