Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hay, Blueberries, Farms and Gators

We've been driving to Florida more than usual lately. My dad died in June and we visit my mom as often as we can. I grew up in Florida and every time we go, things look familiar but also unexpectedly not. As a family we probably drove around most of the state. And I spent four years driving back and forth from Florida State University in Tallahassee to our home. But this path takes us through the central part of the state where there are a lot of farms, which I didn't really know existed - Cattle, horses, and the familiar citrus. But it is a side of Florida that looks very different from the Gulf of Mexico, beaches, Tampa bay, Dolphins, and Pelicans that I am more used to. Nevertheless my husband and I enjoy the ride from DC - especially since we got our new Subaru Forester that sure beats our eleven year old forester that we recently traded in. So we'll keep coming as long as possible - and I hope it's for a long time more to come! 

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