Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Passing Through Lawtey, Stark and Waldo Unscathed

The last time we drove through Florida we ended up with a big fat speeding ticket in Lawtey, which we now know is known for its speed trap. I reported this nuisance to both Senate and House of Representative congressional staff upon our return to DC. I never heard from any of them, but did hear from the state senate and congressional staff about this known problem. So as we passed through this section of Florida between Jacksonville and Gainesville on highway 301, we were extra cautious. Bradford county is no friend to us and we were happy to leave it unscathed. It was amazing how everyone driving around there seemed to know about it because they all must have at one time received a speeding ticket too. Everyone was driving at or well below the speed limit. We had driven that way many times before and never had a problem. But now we just can't forget it. Beware: use caution when driving around this part of Florida. You'll thank us for it if you do! 

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