Saturday, December 19, 2015

Constitution Avenue is Quiet!

After our every Saturday brunch in McLean, we decided to take a ride down Constitution Avenue on the way home rather than the usual Independence route. The city is really quiet - perhaps because it is only forty degrees - or perhaps because it is just quiet. The sun was shining on us, and the sky and clouds take on a very interesting feel this time of year. The shadows are long, and the landmarks just look different from this angle. There just wasn't a lot of activity anywhere - not even by the White House Christmas tree. The fences around the Smithsonian African American museum have come done, but it still has a long way to go before opening I think sometime in 2016. As we turned on to Pennsylvania Avenue, a large Christmas tree sits in front of the Canadian Embassy, and further down the street the large red bows on Union Station showed some holiday spirit - but even the traffic around this hub was non existent. The Coldwell Banker Christmas window had a couple of takers. Since it is the last full weekend before the holiday, folks are probably doing last minute shopping and such rather than sight see. I prefer taking in the sights anytime - even if the streets are empty!

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