Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Customer Feedback and Etsy

I've been working on twenty plus digital art pet portraits for Christmas and am still getting requests. My customers come from all over the US - and even outside the US. It's been an exceptionally busy season compared to past years and I'm not sure why? Once the project is completed, Etsy asks for feedback. Yesterday I received a really nice comment from someone I just completed two projects for. They were two memorial gifts for her mom of her favorite pooches. Last night, for whatever reason, she was having difficulty uploading and sizing the images to a smaller scale. So I worked with her until we got it resolved. This had never happened before, so I was glad we could get it fixed - especially since she had no problem with one of the images! Anyway, I received a notice that there was feedback posted again for this project. I always like to think I provide great service to my customers. Several of my projects are from repeat customers - which is probably the best feedback. I spend quite a bit of time setting up the portrait with the buyer and then sharing updates throughout the process. Sometimes that is more interesting than the end result! Nevertheless, it is always heartwarming to read nice comments in black and white. Thanks so much for the feedback L! I really appreciate it! 

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