Thursday, December 10, 2015

Library of Congress Christmas Tree

I've seen it every year for the past nine years, but every time I walk over to the Jefferson Building at this time of year, it is truly a sight to see. Yes, there is also the Capitol Christmas tree, and the trees at the Botanic garden, and by the White House. But it must be something about the interior of this place that exudes elegance and tradition. On my afternoon walk, I went over to see the Library's tree this week. I've also observed when it was being constructed from the many pieces that are removed from the huge containers that were left in the lower level "basement" tunnel that I passed through. Since it was mid afternoon, the sun was shining through the west Windows leaving a brilliant hue on one side. There were several visitors meandering about on tours and otherwise. It feels like I just saw it - and that was a year ago. So many things happened in our family in 2015. We lost my dad, and that marks a milestone in any family. So all the trees take on a very different flavor from here on. Let's enjoy the holidays for that reason alone. 

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