Monday, December 21, 2015

The Woolrich Winter Hat

We thought it was funny when our son gave his Dad a lumberjack hat for Chritmas all those years ago. But it came in handy in the freezing Wisconsin winters - so much so that I got one for myself at Marshall Field's in downtown Chicago. When we moved to DC, we left just about everything behind - including those two hats - thinking we would never need them again. Well that was a big mistake. It gets quite cold on Capitol Hill. In fact it feels like the Midwest more than I would ever have thought. So, while we were getting a memorial wreath for my dad yesterday at American Plant, I saw a great lumberjack hat hanging on display. Since we do walk a lot, even in winter, it was the perfect solution to wearing a hood - which I hate because you can't freely turn your head. It comes from Pennsylvania. The company is called Woolrich. Now I'm looking forward to the cold just so I can try my hat. Not really. But at least now I have no excuse for not going outside. And I have a feeling my husband is going to remind me!

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