Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Katie's Coffee House in Great Falls

It was a toss up between Royal in Alexandria and Katie's Coffee House in Great Falls for breakfast. I preferred Royal to a long ride, but the day was lovely for a scenic "road trip" so we headed out past McLean to the Falls. Milwaukee had a famous coffee shop called Miss Katie's Diner near Marquette University, and I was expecting something similar. I knew right away that when we had to order from the counter I wouldn't care for it. The food was good, but it defeats the whole point of going out - although for the younger set, that seems to be the preference. And there is something about getting drinks in plastic cups. I don't particularly like bussing my dishes either. It was relatively busy with non-working types of folks. The ride back was nice - there are a lot if horse farms out that way.  So in the end it wasn't anything like Miss Katie's in Milwaukee. I think I'll take Alexandria next time. 

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