Thursday, December 24, 2015

British Airways and Etsy Orders

It all started before Thanksgiving. I received two digital art orders for Christmas gifts and was pleased folks were ordering so early! This time of year can be tough to turn around a lot of artwork in a very short period. But we also planned a trip to visit friends in England and then meet our French friends in Barcelona, leaving little time to work on anything, even though my studio travels with me. When we got back to England, the requests were piling up and I needed to start organizing my work in a way I could get a grip on it before over committing. So one afternoon I started writing down dates, person, request, and deadlines. I didn't have my usual neat methodology in place, so I used the last page of my British Airways information sheet as my inventory management sheet. That thing has been through the ringer and I had to refuse work this year to keep my sanity. So, from the time we returned back home on Thanksgiving weekend I completed twenty two cats, dogs, and birds in all different configurations; sketched out nine more with IOU's to complete within the next couple of weeks - including six K9's for the trainers at an academy in California; and negotiated a couple for specific dates in January. All I can say is "Whew!" and thank you all for noticing my digital art. I'm still working on several of the portraits and really enjoy doing it. Just to think something I made is being wrapped as a gift for someone who lost a pet, just adopted a puppy, or just plain wanted a portrait of their furry or feathered friend, makes me feel humbled. Merry Christmas everyone! I just can't go on vacation this time of year!

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