Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Food Truck on Every Corner

Tasty Kabob is oftentimes parked in the neighborhood right next to Bullfeathers and Tortilla Coast at lunch time. I'm not sure what the brick and mortar establishments think of the competition, but it gives the folks who work and live around here a different option for lunch. If you're not interested in chicken, lamb, or meatball kabobs at Tasty Kabob, then there were three more options available this afternoon. The Big Cheese Truck has funky grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup; DC Ballers has falafel, dipping sauces and fries. There was a new entry in to the fierce and competitive market called El Fuego. It could not be missed in the big red fire engine vehicle and it serves Peruvian fusion/barbecue. I have never tried any if these options as I am so lucky to be able to walk home for lunch and literally take a load off my feet. But the day was warm, the fall season is upon us, and the scene around the house office buildings was nicely busy today. I just wish the people standing in line for their orders would move to the side of the walking path. They see you coming, and refuse to budge. I'll never understand.

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