Friday, October 26, 2012

Innocenti Mini t

I am a big Mini Cooper fan. We pulled in to the Harris Teeter parking lot in Alexandria to stock up on Hurricane supplies. And there in front of our car was the strangest looking red automobile. What struck me was the vintage stuff that was tied down to the rooftop, the tiny size of this vehicle compared to everything else around it, and the wood trim. Naturally, I thought it was some kind of Mini. On closer inspection, it had a 1966 Virginia license plate, and on the back was Innocenti Mini t. Apparently this thing was made in Italy. It would have been perfect for a movie set, because everything else inside it was also circa 1960's. I think I would have a hard time getting in and out if this car, which is why we would probably never get a modern day mini. The mini appears to be a car of choice in this area, especially because of the street parking issues. My husband says the closest I will get to a mini is a picture of one, and this one is a dandy.

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