Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Emergency Conditions Beyond UPS' Control

It was about three years ago when we got our first iPhones. I remember it well because it was right before the huge snow storm that walloped DC. Not only did it snow once, but twice in one week. The Federal Government was shut down for the week, and I was home playing Broken Sword on my new Iphone. We have typically gone to the AT&T store to buy and activate phones, and most recently upgraded my husband's phone there. Because the iPhone 5 is simply not in stock, it was a matter of waiting for them to finally come in, or order one. So I finally broke down and ordered one last Thursday. It was supposed to arrive yesterday by the day's end. I knew that wouldn't happen even before I got the notification. But there is something funny about the language that was used to communicate the dilemma..."emergency conditions beyond UPS' control" and "hurricane conditions near the final destination may impact the delivery of your shipment". I wish I had ordered it on Wednesday. At least I had the device during the snow storm. The funny thing was watching the USPS carrier brave the elements and deliver the mail around 3 PM yesterday. How ironic. The junk mail arrives and the important stuff doesn't. In the end, none of this matters in light of what just happened. We are so fortunate to have been just a tad inconvenienced, and thankful we, our friends and loved ones are all okay. But in the back of my mind I'm wondering when that notification will change? It hasn't yet.

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