Monday, October 15, 2012

Homage To The Best Tree on the Capitol Grounds

Walking through the Capitol grounds yesterday was disturbing. My favorite tree on the East Lawn had disappeared and all that was left of it is the stump. So when I came home from the walk, I searched my photo gallery to find the images that captured its beauty. There was something unique and special about this tree. It's branches skirted the ground and extended in to open arms as though inviting you to look upon it. The branches made for a delightful frame around the Capitol photo op. It was a fir tree of sorts, and reminded me of Milwaukee. It had a very distinct shape different from all the other trees around it. We stood by this tree on several occasions, including Senator Kennedy's funeral procession. I looked forward to seeing it on our walks heading back home. I could see that it was attended to as much as could have been expected. But I guess it was just time to put it out of its misery. I'm sure it had a good life, and brought a lot of pleasure to those around it. One can only imagine what it saw in it's lifetime. It will be missed!

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