Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Washington Hospital Center City Views from the Parking Structure

We had a 2PM appointment for an eye exam following outpatient laser surgery last week. It's always very busy at the Washington Hospital Center, so we always leave in plenty of time in case of traffic snarls. This day was beautiful, and we were early enough to check out the view from the top of the parking structure that is five or six floors up. From one angle is the Capitol in the distance with a man hole cover about to come undone; another is the VA Center with the Catholic University National Shrine in view along the horizon; another direction shows the magnitude of the campus with a huge sign telling us where we are and a rehab facility across the street; a four way stop with an unknown white steeple in the background; and the top floor of the parking garage facing another hospital facility and the Children's Hospital. This place reminds me of the Froedtert Hospital County system in Milwaukee. I much prefer a quieter kind of place for routine and less invasive procedures and doctor visits. It's only a few miles away and takes forever to get there. So what's new?

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