Friday, October 12, 2012

The Calm Before the Storm at Nationals Park

After lunch we thought it might be fun to see the activity in the neighborhood around the stadium before the big game tonight between the Nationals and the Cardinals. Earlier in the week, it was a nightmare dealing with the two afternoon game times as parking, and street congestion was worse than usual. Today, the streets are mysteriously quiet. It's as if everyone didn't even bother going to work, or left early only to return for the action. We have a few family members who are season ticket holders who would not miss any of these games for the world. I was surprised we did not hear the roar after the big win last night. But as soon as the game was over, the city sounds returned. The sirens, and car noises seemed even louder than usual. There were plenty of parking spots when we got home this afternoon. Soon the hoards in red will begin their ritual walk from the neighborhood and metro stop to the landmark that is only a few blocks away. I used to wonder why people would want to live so close to any stadium. In Milwaukee, I would re route my drive home after work whenever there was a Brewers game to avoid the mess. I suppose if you are a fan, it's a great thing. For everyone else, it's something you could do without. But in spite of all this, I do hope they win.

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