Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Jefferson Memorial Wedding Portrait

Driving home from a short trip to Antietam, Maryland we took our usual route down Independence Avenue. I always have my Iphone camera ready for whatever interesting scene may appear, and it helps to support and generate ideas from my blog. The weather was unusually nice and the shadows and lighting were exceptional. The monuments always take on a very different look depending in the time of the day and season of the year. The contrasting light and shadows on the Jefferson Memorial caught my attention. Right after I snapped it though, an even more interesting image appeared. There they were, standing against a column on the ledge of the Tidal Basin barrier fence bridge, a bride and groom. He was holding the bouquet; she was leaning in towards him; her shoes were sitting on the ledge in between her and one of two photographers holding a camera with a very long lens, who was also capturing the moment. You never know what is going to appear on the ride home, and this random scene was totally unexpected. The lighting, the background, the placement of people and things, and the occasion all collided in to the perfect shot. I didn't even see it coming, but was ready all the same.

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