Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blue Skies and Roof Tops

It was a toss up between taking a ride to Fredericksburg, or walking the Mall. George Washington's sister's house took a back seat to getting in some exercise and fresh air. It was simply gorgeous outside, more so than I had expected. Fall is in the air, and everything is taking on yellow, orange, and brown hues. Every time we head out in that direction, through the neighborhood, and by the Capitol Building, the scene changes as we reach the reflecting pool. Normally this time of the year, it seems the sky is filled with puffy white clouds. What struck me most today was the absence of any cloud, and the spectacular deep blue sky. Even more interesting and pleasing to the eye was the contrast of the various architectural delights against this backdrop. The Museum of African American Art, Smithsonian Castle, American Indian Museum, Botanic Garden, and House Office Building are all so familiar but so very different. They were equally stunning against the magnificent autumn sky. As the summer heat subsides, the walks along the Mall become more frequent, and you never know what you're going to find. And it doesn't cost a cent.

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