Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pry House Field Hospital and General McClellan's Headquarters

I belonged to the Milwaukee Civil War Round Table for many years. Since we moved to DC, we haven't been to many Civil War sites. Before we moved to DC, I think we saw just about every one of them. I was most interested in the social aspects of the time, and the nursing and medical care. So it was with interest that we visit the Pry House at Antietam. It was used as General McClellan's Headquarters, a field hospital, Clara Barton contributed much to this effort, and it was time for a leisurely country drive. Photographs from the Alexander Gardner collection would also be on display from the Library of Congress in a special exhibit. The second floor of the house was transformed in to an 1862 gallery similar to the one that was set up by Mr. Gardener in New York studio to show the horrors of the war to the general public, entitled "Bringing the Story of War To Our Doorstep." We didn't stay long, but enjoyed the ride to and from. It's only 70 miles away. There was something about the day, and the lighting, and the season today. It's hard to believe what must have happened at that place, but it is good to be reminded.

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