Monday, October 8, 2012

Antietam Battlefield

After we visited the Pry Field Hospital and General McClellan's headquarters, featuring the Alexander Gardner photographs of the aftermath, we headed toward Antietam battlefield. We had been here many years ago during the hot days of summer. I was a member of the Milwaukee Civil War Round Table for about fifteen years, and we visited Washington and vicinity many times over the years in search of history. I was most interested in the social aspects of the Civil War time period, and being in the nursing profession, and my husband a surgeon, the medical care was also appealing to learn about. Our interest this trip was simply to take a driving trip through the countryside with no particular destination in mind. The scenery reminded us of Wisconsin. There was a cool nip to the air, and the fall season was evident in the pumpkin patches and Halloween decorations. There were dairy farms and hills making the roads a bit more interesting and quite the contrast to the urban life we have become accustomed to on Capitol Hill. It's hard to believe what went on here. I look upon it all so very differently than in my younger days. Time has a way of changing a lot of things, and not just during a day trip to Antietam.

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