Monday, October 29, 2012

Birds on a Wire

I have often wondered why birds cluster on light poles and other horizontal objects. But the unique feature is that they are all about the same distance apart from each other. We assume there is a leader who decides where the group should rest after a long flight, or figure out what perch to sit on before or after experiencing a heavy meal. I think they keep the equal distance apart from each other so that when they are startled, or need to leave in short order, they can easily take off without banging into each other. I've always liked birds...back in Connecticut, Florida, Wisconsin and here in DC we always had bird feeders, bird houses, or bird baths in the yard. I had blue, green and white parakeets as pets growing up. I trained a blue one named Ringo to ride on a Barbie Doll car steering wheel, fly to my finger on command, and speak his name, among other things. I hope all the feathered friends stay safe and sound during the storm. We heard them talking to each other yesterday planning their strategy to stay dry as we took a walk around the neighborhood for the last time before we hunker down. I'm sure they have it figured out because they always come back when the sun comes out again.

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