Monday, October 1, 2012

Nationals Stadium Rear

The Anacostia River walk was extended further along to reach the Nationals Stadium. There is some sort of conservancy at the end point, so there must have been access to this area before the new walkway/bike trail was installed. It is an interesting view from behind the stadium. The water is muddy and trash is abundant in the river. There are an occasional pair of ducks and a few herons spotting the landscape. On one end is South Capitol Street flanked by the U Haul storage building with the various sized trucks available for rental sitting on the roof. In the opposite direction is the Navy Yard, with a battleship clearly visible. In between is a lovely park and dog run. It's been awhile since we walked this way. There are many more apartments and condos built, and more to come. The Department of Transportation is a major anchor along M Street. There are temporary restaurants installed until the permanent shops arrive, and the scene is very different on the off season. But this area of DC changes dramatically when the Nationals are in town. And they will be in town a little longer this year. I've been to one game this season, and that is enough for me. But for the fans of the game, what could be a better place to live?

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