Friday, October 5, 2012

City Center DC

It was a mistake to run some errands this afternoon after 2 PM. It is Friday, and it is downtown. It did however, give us an opportunity to see the progress of the City Center DC construction project that is billed as another progressive urban development due to be completed in 2013. It is located between 9th and 11th Streets NW, and New York Avenue and H St. It is ten acres, roughly 10 times the size of our one acre lot in Milwaukee. The difference is the height! There will be condos, apartments, business, retail, and restaurants. It is close to, if not in, Chinatown. We never really made it to our destination this afternoon because of the mess, and luckily, it was not essential. Coming home, the streets around our neighborhood are also extremely congested. Independence Avenue is ripped up again, and the parking is more than usually difficult of late, even on a Friday afternoon. I'm not sure why that is. We did finally find a spot along the area that was recently identified as pay only, but not for zone 6 permits. I'm also seeing a lot of visitor pass parking on out of state cars. Something is happening, and I'm not sure I like it! When we got home, we thought it was time to WD40 the window in the bedroom. Bad idea. It is now broken and can't open. Thank goodness winter is on the way.

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