Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Subaru Royal Treatment

To make sure it doesn't conk out on us, it was time again to have the Subaru checked for everything. We have had this car for seven years, which is the longest we ever owned any car. It was very versatile in Wisconsin, given the predominant winter and snow season, and great for carting around a 100 pound Borzoi named Tatiana. As for here in DC, it works well because it gets parked on the street, and we really don't mind that much if it gets dinged and hit. So, after spending a huge chuck of change on some new brakes, the car had a wash and a vacuuming. My husband said the service at this place is phenomenal... It is the Beyer Subaru dealer on Richmond Highway in Alexandria. This time, we got an added bonus of an air freshener attached to a thank you note. This is the first car place we ever went to that told us we would probably have this car for several more years before needing to get another one. No sales pitch and no pressure. I would recommend this place to anyone interested in a Subaru, even if I really want a mini.

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