Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Washington Hospital Center and Washington Radiology Associates

I suppose it's a good thing to cluster all the medical visits at one time of the year just so you don't have to think about them all the time. However, when the unexpected visits pop up, it can make for a more non routine week. I had already scheduled the annual mammogram at Washington Radiology a few months ago. For a variety of reasons, I was sure the prescription was for a diagnostic rather than a simple screen only. There's nothing worse than to have the test only to be called back for additional views and then wait for a letter to arrive in the mail with the results rather than hear it from the radiologist immediately after the exam. My husband needed to have a laser eye procedure at Washington Hospital Center, and it so happened to fall during the same week. Because I work full time, I needed to request the time off. It is unusual for me to take so much time in one week. In the end, there is no better day than to get positive results for any test, and we both came out ahead this time. The mind wanders because we were both in health care - he a surgeon, me a nurse. Our friend came along for the eye procedure and we talked about the collection of canes she has, and that one of us may eventually need one. Today she sent a sample of another one that she saw on her daily walk, and you have to admit it is quite clever. These are the days that we are reminded to be thankful that we are fairly healthy, and should never take it for granted. We do miss not being seen by staff and familiar faces that we all knew and trusted in Milwaukee over the last thirty years. The sad thing is is that I got my flu shot at work, but my husband still needs his. Maybe next week. But, these are merely minor inconveniences compared to what some folks have to endure. I never thought I would say this, but I would rather be at work.

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