Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Middleburg AKC Dog Show

We had planned to attend the Middleburg AKC Dog Show this year and figured today would be a better day in light if the hurricane heading in this direction. So we set out towards fox and hounds country to Oatlands Plantation. It is my understanding that Jackie Kennedy would visit this town on weekends for horse back riding and time away from the city. The weather was perfect, and the scenery was wonderful, particularly along the back wood roads. We always make sure to stop but the Borzoi section and visit with the breeders, owners, and trainers. Our Tatiana was a 100 pound pussycat, and we miss her dearly. So, this is our way to get the Borzoi fix. We ran in to the owner of the only Borzoi we have seen since moving to DC, and they live in Alexandria. I never got in to the show stuff- I just like having a pet. Who knows why people like the type of dog they do, but its fun checking it out once a year. The next blog entry will highlight some of my favorites!

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