Saturday, October 20, 2012

Old Town Skeletons, Brides, and Cobblestone Streets

I love Alexandria, and we make it a habit of going there for any reason. I thought Halloween decorations would be up in full force, but was somewhat disappointed. Folks were out putting things up, but this year so far has not compared to previous trips. Obviously in a place like this, stories of ghostly inhabitants abound, even in the candy shop. It must be a busy wedding month because lately we keep running in to them at the most unexpected places. While on the hunt for goblins and scarecrows, we came upon a bride and her maids, being photographed in front of a very long back alley in Old Town. This was an interesting back drop to say the least. We then made one more round down the cobblestone street towards the river, and found some pumpkins painted silver. You'll never know what you will find on the streets of Old Town, but I am never disappointed.

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