Thursday, October 4, 2012

Clara Barton Comcast Mail

A couple weeks ago we ventured to the Clara Barton National Historic Site in Glen Echo. It is a short ride through Georgetown and the Palisades, along McArthur Boulevard. While we were waiting on the front steps for the hourly tour, the mailbox had an item of interest. I know Clara Barton was a woman of many talents, and she was interested in all the gadgets of her time while she was running the Red Cross. I like to think we had a lot in common. I'm from Massachusetts, am a nurse, a Federal employee, love animals, and like to draw. However, she was considerably shorter! Anyway, I have two digital art renderings on exhibit at the site through October, which is both a privilege and an honor! Regardless, it just seemed funny to see an envelope addressed to Ms. Barton. I know she would have appreciated it, but would have definitely preferred email.

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