Monday, January 25, 2016

A Breath of Fresh Air?

After breaking off the key to the patio door and putting sandbags near the entrance to avoid a rush of melting snow, we decided to venture outside - against my better judgment. I'm off from work today, and it's obvious why. The roads are dreadful and the sidewalks are worse. Walking Is not the thing to be doing if you want to keep all your bones intact. So we carefully made our way around the neighborhood. The clearest paths sent us in whatever direction. Luckily for us, our car hardly had any snow on it at all - the winds were in our favor this time. Others were not so lucky! There is a law that sidewalks need to be cleared within twenty four hours. A lot of people just didn't think that rule applied to them while others did, but at some points not even a foot wide, while others were a bit mischevious creating winding rather than straight paths. The birds found little pools of water to splash around in, and the icicles were really forming depending on the direction. Large chunks of snow and ice were already battering our patio garden. One of the little trees was literally broken apart. Along the paths, the greenery was trying to poke out of the snow searching for sanity - like we were. I can't wait for this all to go away. There is simply nothing good about any of it! 

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